Spectral preprocessing for 1D NMR (1H & 13C)

Rnmr1D is a simple application (developed with R Shiny) that allows to perform the preprocessing of any 1D NMR spectrum (1H & 13C)






Export the 1H-NMR spectrum within one file ( nmrML format) that will embed all information, namely:

  • the raw spectrum in time domain (fid) along with the acquisition paramters and
  • the real part of the spectrum in frequency domain (1r) along with the preprocessing parameters.

Warning: Not yet supported for RS2D format

Please, upload a raw FID (fid) and its acquisition parameter file (acqus/procpar) within 'FID' tab.

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(C) Daniel Jacob - INRA UMR 1332, PMB, MetaboHUB, 2019