Metadata management - INRAE UMR 1332 BFP / Bordeaux Metabolome

An ecosystem for sharing metadata

The Maggot tool allows users to describe the Metadata of their datasets produced within a collective (research unit, platform, multi-partner project, etc.), thus making it possible
  • to answer certain questions of the Data Management Plan (DMP) concerning the organization, documentation, storage and sharing of data in the data storage space,
  • to meet certain data and metadata requirements, referred to by the National Plan for Open Science , in particular its second axis: “Structure, Share and Open Research Data” (Recherche Data Gouv) in accordance with the FAIR principles.
Maggot was designed to foster (local) good data management, with "(open) data sharing" in mind. See Poster for a short overview.

Move the mouse over the image then click on the desired functionality

Configure the terminology definition file
Manage private access keys
Edit the dictionaries (need admin access to edit or just use 'maggot' user for viewing only)
Describe a dataset using metadata of different types by facilitating their entry and avoiding their re-entry thanks to personalized dictionaries, then generate the metadata file
Search datasets based on some metadata - assuming the metadata were previously deposited in the storage space
Publish the metadata of datasets along with their data files into the Recherche Data Gouv repository
Metadata schema in Maggot
File Browser allows you to browse data directories using cloud-like software
Publish the metadata of datasets along with their data files into the Zenodo repository