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The project aimed to build a virtual tomato fruit that enables the prediction of metabolite levels given genetic and environmental inputs, by an iterative process between laboratories which combine expertise in fruit biology, ecophysiology, theoretical and experimental biochemistry, and biotechnology.


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FRIM - Fruit Integrative Modelling
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Etalab V2.0 license


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Gibon Yves
  • Bénard Camille
  • Biais Benoit
  • Ballias Patricia
  • Maucourt Mickaël
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Gibon YvesVercambre GillesJacob DanielBordeaux Metabolome


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Biais B, Bénard C, Beauvoit B, Colombié S, Prodhomme D, Ménard G, Bernillon S, Gehl B, Gautier H, Ballias P, Mazat J-P, Sweetlove L, Génard M, Gibon Y. 2014. Remarkable reproducibility of enzyme activity profiles in tomato fruits grown under contrasting environments provides a roadmap for studies of fruit metabolism. Plant Physiology 164, 1204-1221doi10.1104/pp.113.231241
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JournalArticleBeauvoit et al (2014) Plant Cell 26: 3224–3242
JournalArticleBénard et al (2015) Journal of Experimental Botany Vol. 66, No. 11 pp. 3391–3404
JournalArticleColombié el al (2015) Plant Physiology 180, 1709–1724
CollectionAccess to data via cloud-like software